On the road to responsible parenting

With the support of HelpingNet and our local partner Einstein Rising, we are organizing responsible parenting sessions in schools and communities in Uganda to address the distressing problem of teen pregnancy.

We support nurses, provide free contraceptives, and leverage expertise from the Center Full Moon. Our goal goes beyond education; we strive for equality and respect between men and women.

Together, we can positively impact the lives of young women in Uganda and contribute to a better future.

"Family planning is a difficult item but oh so important! By applying family planning you work structurally on poverty!
Every child with no future who is not born gives more opportunities to his siblings and ultimately helps a whole family, a whole community!
Marijke, you are an amazing woman!
Keep up your work for years to come and be proud of all you have accomplished so far."

Griet Verachtert



"Due to the well disseminated information, participants that originally shunned from use of Birth Control interventions experienced a change of mindset.
One of the parents who was for long thought to be indifferent about family planning issues, actually thought to be obstinate and against family planning, recently asked to be referred to a good clinic where she can access family planning services so as to plan her family better. The said mother, as she already has 6 children."


Imani School Kampala

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Unplanned pregnancies in Uganda

Each year in African countries, hundreds of thousands of young girls become pregnant involuntarily and far too young. Unicef estimates this number at about 400,000 a year.

This problem arises mainly because of strong cultural traditions. In Uganda, men usually have the last vote in family planning decisions. As a result, we often see large families in which women have little say in their own lives. Moreover, men often leave their partners when a child with a disability is born, believing it cannot be their child. Unfortunately, there are also many cases of sexual violence by young men toward girls. All of these patterns, stemming from gender inequality and deep-rooted cultural beliefs, contribute to the high number of unplanned (teenage) pregnancies.

Responsible parenting

Malaika is actively working to address this issue. With the support of HelpingNet and in collaboration with our local partner Einstein Rising, we organize sessions on responsible parenting in schools and communities in and around Kampala.

These sessions are led by nurses sponsored by us. We provide their transportation and jointly explore solutions, such as providing free contraceptives and folic acid. The organization and follow-up of these sessions is in the hands of Einstein Rising.

For these sessions, the nurses use the Culturally Sensitive Contraception Information Kit from the Center of Expertise, Full Moon.


Our impact and the future

Young women who took the training are more confident in life and know what they want. Now the challenge lies in finding a partner who also believes in equal partnership.

With the support of schools like Imani Academy in Kabumbi, which was built in part thanks to Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs, we are able to offer weekly Responsible Parenting sessions to students and their parents. This demonstrates a willingness to engage in the conversation and embrace change.

We have already received requests to expand this program to other locations, for which we need additional funds. So your support is invaluable and is making a difference in the lives of many young girls and women.

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