About us

Malaika for woman and children

Marijke Roels has been active in Kampala since 2016 and the inspirer of this project.
In 2020, together with Jan Pelgrims and Marc Van Dercruyssen, she founded Malaika 4 women and children vzw, abbreviated Malaika4wc. The non-profit organization got its name from the African vulnerable women who participated.

The goal of Malaika4wc is to give vulnerable women living on the margins of society the opportunity to choose a better life for them and their families. We do this by, among other things, giving them free handicraft training, which gives them a better chance of finding work. We also provide access to drinking water and create more awareness about responsible parenthood. We always do this together with local partners

Our mission

Malaika4wc aims to help vulnerable women by encouraging and promoting their self-reliance.
This allows them to give themselves and their children more opportunities.

Our vision

Increasing creativity and potential of all vulnerable women so that every woman is self-reliant.
Everyone has the right to a dignified existence.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to train vulnerable women in handicrafts. During our classes, we also make reusable diaper pants and sanitary pads. Together with Einstein Rising, we try to market these. In this way, after completing the training, we can offer these vulnerable women a real job and pay a wage.

How do we achieve this?

We guide these women in different areas:


Self-sufficiency by learning sewing and crochet techniques.

Women receive 6 months of free classes in our own sewing studio. The focus is on producing reusable products with important added value, such as sanitary pads and diaper pants.


Providing underprivileged families and schools with potable water.

Together with Einstein Rising and Spouts of Water, we will seek out schools and vulnerable women in the slums to offer them, through the use of Purifaaya water filters, potable water.


Disadvantaged families & schools learn about responsible parenting.

Together with HelpingNet, Einstein Rising and a local nurse, we promote awareness and provide information on responsible parenting. We actively focus on reducing the risk of children with disabilities by providing underprivileged families with nutritional advice, thereby reducing "stunting."


A solution to menstrual poverty.

At the request of the Imani school, we set out to find a solution to the growing menstrual poverty in Uganda. Marijke developed a sanitary pad that keeps the skin dry and absorbs sufficiently. Laikipads was born. The first kits were donated to the school and the first wages were paid to the educated women.