LaikiPads: Empowering women, one period at a time

Imagine that your choice could change the lives of two women.


5 Million girls and women under 18, do not have access to menstrual materials in Uganda.

At Malaika4wc, we aim to fight menstrual poverty, as 60% of young girls miss school days during their periods.


Our solution? The Laiki Pads - reusable pads that are not only eco-friendly, but also cost-effective.


With just 10€ you donate a pack to a girl in a vulnerable family.

At the same time, you support the women in our sewing workshop in Kampala, who can earn an income.


Thanks to your support.

Last year Endelea worked with Malaika in Belgium and in Uganda. An incredibly beautiful project driven by a wonderful woman whom I can now call friend.

Thank you Malaika4wc VZW and Marijke Roels for the wonderful and inspiring time we spent together.

Friends of Endelea Foundation

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Menstrual Poverty: A Big Problem

Menstrual poverty is an under-reported but alarming problem that affects the lives of many young girls and women worldwide. About 60% of young girls are unable to attend school during their menstrual period. This phenomenon has far-reaching implications for their education, opportunities, and future prospects.

Lack of access to menstrual products, cultural taboos, and inadequate sanitation in schools create major obstacles for these girls. As a result, they often miss crucial school days, leading to a delay in their learning and reduced chances for a successful future.

LaikiPads: een impactvolle oplossing

To address this problem, we developed LaikiPads as a sustainable alternative to disposable pads. The goal is to provide girls and young women with affordable and environmentally friendly menstrual products. LaikiPads are reusable pads that are not only cheaper, but also much better for the environment than disposable pads. With a LaikiPads package, girls have the freedom to decide how they want to manage their periods, without depending on others for pads. In doing so, we promote sustainability, accessibility and self-reliance in a simple and effective way.

A double impact

For only 10 Euro you can provide a girl from a vulnerable family with a complete LaikiPads package, consisting of 3 day pads, 1 night pad, 1 mini pad, and a handy storage bag for both dry and used pads.

Your contribution also supports the vulnerable women who carefully and skillfully manufacture these pads in our sewing workshop in Kampala. These women have successfully participated in our Skills4Change project and are now able to generate their own income, often as single mothers. By doing so, you make a double impact: you not only help girls, but also the seamstresses.

LaikiPads works around these Social Development Goals: